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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Movie Sword Art Online : Progressive, Will Tell About Aincrad Again, But From Asuna's Point of View

Sword art online, surely you all know this anime on this one. Sword art online anime itself is very popular in Indonesia where almost all otaku in Indonesia know about this anime. An anime that tells Kirito to survive in a game called Sword Art Online.

sword art online progressive

Sword art online itself already has quite a number of seasons and storylines, where for now Kirito himself is no longer in Aincrad, and he has moved to another game world. But after the release of the last episode of Sword art onine: War of underworld. Sword art online immediately released the news from the movie Spinn of Sword art online, entitled Sword art online progressive.

Unlike the previous sword art online movie entitled Sword art online: Ordinal Scale which is a sequel of Sword Art Online Season 2. So for Sword Art Online: progressive this will be different, where in the movie this time it will tell Asuna's trapped inside Aincrad, where in this movie will tell again about aincrad but in asuna point of view.

as we know that in sword art online, a adventure in aincrad is focuses on kirito and tells kirito's story in aincrad, but for sword art online movie this time we watch it from Asuna's point of view, where we will see various kinds of things that are not told in Sword Art Online, it will be told in the movie this time.

Sword art online: Progresive is an adaptation of the spin off sword art online, apart from being adapted into a movie. Progresive has also previously been adapted into a manga of the same title. but it looks like there will be some easter eggs that will be presented at Prgresive online sword art, considering that the fifth season of sword art online will also be released as soon as possible so it doesn't rule out the possibility that there will be an easter egg in this Progresive online sword art which will lead the story on Sword art online Season 5.

Sword art online: Progressive Will be released later in 2021, where it will likely be released at the end of the year or mid-2021. then after the released of the movie, sword art online will came again with the fourth season.

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