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Monday, September 14, 2020

Why No Game No Life Didn't Get Adapted For 2nd Season

This anime is one of the most popular anime, and the most popular about this anime is Almost every April Mop every year there will be news about Anime No Game No Life Season 2, and you also know that every single news that realesed in 1 april was a joke.

no game no life s2

However, as we know, 1 April is April Fool's Day. Indeed, after the screening of the Anime movie entitled No Game No Life: Zero in 2017, this anime has never announced that it will release a continuation of the story. I personally quite like this anime From No Game No Life, but especially I prefer No Game No Life: Zero.

Then why is the No Game No Life anime not getting its next season even though you could say that this anime was quite successful at the first season and movie broadcasts. Then what made the No Game No Life anime not get season 2?

This is just my personal opinion, but it seems that the thing that affects why no game no life doesn't get an adaptation for its 2nd seaosn is because the source from LN / Novel No game no life itself, which the studio and publisher feel is not enough if they want to be adapted into it. anime.

Where the studio is still waiting for the source story to have a good ending. Where for LN No Game No Life itself is still ongoing and currently LN No Game No Life ends in volume 10 and is still releasing the continuation of the story.

Not only is the continuation of the No Game No Life anime that has not received definite news, even for LN from No Game No Life Vol 11 there has not been any definite news about the continuation, so it is only natural that if the LN is not certain when the continuation will be released then the anime will be released. even have to wait, because the anime will take the source of the story from the LN.

But in my opinion there are many other anime and new anime that are more exciting to wait for the continuation of the season, such as the Boku No Hero anime, Fate Series and also new anime like Enen Shoubutai.

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