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Friday, September 4, 2020

Canon Eos R5 and R6 Duo of The Best Full Frame Mirrorless from Canon

Canon Eos R5 and Eos R6 are the most famous camare in this season beside sony a7s 3, where these two cameras are Canon's newest full frame mirrorless cameras. Canon Eos R5 and R6 are 2 full frame mirrorless cameras from canon which are the successors of the previous generation, namely the Canon Eos R which is also a mirrorless from Canon.

brand new mirrorless from canon
Photo by 小谢 on Unsplash

Canon Eos R itself is a segment of Canon's Full Frame Mirroless where the R class is the Professional Mirrorless class which is above the M Class. This class difference is very pronounced in terms of the sensors used, where the Canon Eos R series uses the Full Frame Sensor as a Sensor It's different from the Canon M series, which is using an APS-C sensor.

Where the Canon Eos R series is Canon's Highend series in the Mirrorless class which is similar to the A7 Series from Sony. However, the Canon Eos R series has a very different price when compared to Sony's A7 Series. where for the body only of the Canon Eos R series it can touch the figure of $3,899 for the body only and for the price for the lens was expensive to it above $1000.

Where is the Full Frame Mirrorless Camera from Canon Using Lenses with an RF code where the price for the lens is expensive to. where the price for the lens starts from $1.000 for the cheapest one, but the average price of the RF lens from canon can penetrate thousand bucks.

For the Canon Eos R series, it is a series that is equivalent to the One digit series from canon DSLR where the Canon Eos R series and the 1 Digit series from Canon DSLR are intended for professionals who need a camera with capable capabilities so it is only natural to have a very expensive price

Canon Eos R5

Canon Eos R5 Becomes the best mirrorless from canon for now, where the Canon Eos R5 carries a lot of features that are not even owned by the Canon 1DX mk3 where one of the superior features of the Canon Eos R5 is the capability to recording 8k and 4K recording at 120fps so it makes The Canon R5 is a very overkill mirrorless.

In addition, the Canon Eos R5 is also the high-end for the Canon Eos R series where for now the Eos R5 is the highest series and also has the most advanced features among all other Mirrorless from Canon.

For the price of the Canon Eos R5, it can be said to be very expensive where for the Body Only it can touch the numbers $ 3.000 - $ 4.000 and for the price of the lens start from $ 1.000.

Canon Eos R6

The Canon Eos R6 is the second most expensive canon mirror to date, where its features are almost like the Canon Eos R5, but there are a few things that are reduced, but the reduction does not make this camera unfit.

Some of the features that are reduced are the reduction in video capture quality which is now only limited to 4K and also a reduction in the storage sector which can only hold 2x2 memory. but from other aspects such as photo bursts that are up to 20fps are not reduced. 

but still with these various feature reductions, it does not make the Canon Eos R6 cheap. where the reduction in these features still makes the camera price of the Canon Eos R6 at 50 million.

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