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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Will Tower of God got a second season

After showing the last episode of  Anime Tower of God a few days ago, we finally saw a pretty interesting ending. where in the ending tower of god we see a person with long hair standing through the scene, it is was a sign that tower of god will got a second season.

tower of god

The first season of the Tower of god has finaly ended, after airing the 13th episode of this anime on June 25th. the ending of the anime tower of god is quite exciting where in the ending we see bam who is still alive after being pushed by rachel, and in this ending we also seeing how rachel planed it to bam, and explained why rachel pushed bam.

then at the ending of the anime Tower of God we see a scene where there is a long-haired man who is standing after defeating a monster. for those of you who don't know, that person is Jue Viole Grace. where after bam was pushed by rachel, everyone thought that bam had died, but it is wrong.

then bam went back up and climb the tower again using Jue Viole grace name, as a Slayer candidate from FUG. I will not tell too much about how the story goes. because you can read the Tower of God Comics on Webtoon.

Does the appearance of Jue Viole Grace in the ending of the Tower of God anime indicate that Tower of God will get a 2nd Seaosn ?? it seems like that won't be possible. where as we know that most of the anime that exists today is an anime that adapted from a Manga or LN and for the tower of god itself is a Manhwa that an comic who created in South Korea.

and for that reason it also seems like tower of god will not be adapted into anime and get the 2nd Seaosn. then what exactly does the ending tower of god mean? It seems the ending of the Tower of God was made so that those of you who like the storyline of the Tower of God anime will go to Webtoon to read the sequel to the anime.

But it will be a different story if there is an anime studio in Japan that will adapted the season 2 of the anime tower of god, because if we look back for the story of the Tower of god, after this season, was totaly difrent. cause if you have read the Manwha you will releaze that the story of this anime was pretty good. so there are a possibility for Tower Of god will Get the second season.

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