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Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Meaning of gleipnir Ending ? which have a good start but slowly get worst

It has been several days since the last episode of the Gleipnir anime aired, where the screening of the last episode of the Gleipnir anime was also the end of the first season of this anime. I personally initially liked Gleipnir but as the anime progressed, the storyline of the Gleipnir anime became unclear, either because they cut several scenes so as to make the animations unclear, or the storyline was like that.


when the first time the anime Gleipnir aired, this anime immediately get an attention of many people. where the initial anime Gleipnir presents quite an epic battle and also this anime has an element of survival, so it increasingly makes many people interested in this anime. it was also encouraged by the Darwin's Game anime that aired in the previous season also had the same genre, making many anime lovers who put high hopes on Anime Gleipnir

Indeed, at the beginning of the glorious anime, this anime has a mysterious impression, where it is supported by a very appropriate backsound which makes this anime very exciting to watch and also the battle scenes between Shuuichi and Clair further add to the excitement of this anime.

But after entering episode 4 and continuing this anime seems increasingly boring. where the storyline becomes unclear and only shows incomprehensible dialogues where those who initially will chase Elena and eventually their plans change to collect coins.

maybe this is just my opinion. In my opinion, this anime looks like it doesn't have a clear purpose, but maybe it's just in the anime and it's different for the manga. because there really are lots of anime that have very bad stories but have good Manga or Ln. it is usually caused by the studio that adapts the anime too much to eliminate the scene from its manga or maybe because the studio itself has poor quality.

but still, in my opinion the Gleipnir anime is one of the anime which is pretty bad whether it's because of a mistake from the studio or indeed a story like that. coupled with the ending anime glepnir which has an incomprehensible ending worsen this anime.

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