Sora No Aosa, a Very recommended anime for those of you who like anime drama with very good visuals. - Machanime
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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Sora No Aosa, a Very recommended anime for those of you who like anime drama with very good visuals.

sora no aosa

Sora no aosa became one of the most recommended anime movir for now, this anime has a very exciting storyline And Has a  similar storyline to Anohana. Where anime Sora no aosa also has a thame that tell about a haunting sprit. whare the main character of this anime was a spirit.

But unlike Anohana which have a sad ending, Sora no aosa will end with happy ending. because indeed the spirit of Shinnosuke is not the spirit of the deceased, but the spirit of feeling. i mean it was'nt a ghost of someone who has dead, but it was a spring of someone Feeling. you will understand it when u have watch the anime.

Sora No aosa Synopsis

High school student Aoi Aioi lives with her elder sister, Akane, after a tragic accident took their parents away 13 years ago. Because Akane has since been taking care of her single-handedly, Aoi wants to move to Tokyo after her graduation to relieve her sister's burden and pursue a musical career, inspired by Akane's ex-boyfriend Shinnosuke "Shinno" Kanamuro. Shinno was part of a band until he left for Tokyo to become a professional guitarist after the sisters' parents passed away, and he was never to be seen again.

One afternoon, while Aoi practices her bass in a guest house, she gets startled by the 18-year-old version of Shinno from 13 years ago! As if by coincidence, the current 31-year-old Shinno also returns to the town, but he has changed drastically. There are now two Shinno's in existence, but why is the Shinno from the past present?

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This anime was an anime that created from clover works studio so you dont need tu doubt about the graphic quality of this anime, which some scenes are depicted from textures and also very good views, where surely you who watch the anime will not be disappointed with the graphics of this anime.

sora no aosa

Beside having a good graphics, Anime Sora no aosa also has a very good storyline, where this anime will tell how a complicated relationship between Akane and Aoi after the past of their parents, where Akane who is an older sister must prioritize her sister Aoi, beside her own priority.

This also had an impact to Shinnosuke who was rejected by Akane, because Akane knew he was an older sister and chose to stay with Aoi. And that finally made Shinnosuke save or seal his feelings into a guitar, and after 13 years passed finally the feelings of Shinnosuke reappeared as spirits that have a form, Aoi who is now in the 3rd grade of high school also met with Shinno Spirit who had a form 13 years ago.

You could say the Sora No Aosa anime has a background that is almost similar to other anime. Especially the anime Anohana and Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. Where there are several places and scenes that are almost similar to the two anime, one of them is the bridge where Aoi practiced playing bass at the beginning of the anime which is similar to the bridge in the anime Anohana, and the scene where Aoi revealed his audience to Shinno, which is almost similar to the scene where Naruse Jun Expresses his feelings to Sakagami Takumi.

sora no aosa

You certainly will not regret after watching the anime Sora No Aosa, because in terms of the story and graphics of this anime it is highly recommended to be watched, especially added with a storyline that is practically new and different from other anime - anime certainly makes one anime This is really a recommendation, and from me personally gave this anime a rating of 8.9 for the visual and graphic aspects.

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