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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Kimetsu No Yaiba will end Up with a happy ending, and There Are No more death again ??

kimetsu no yaiba  chapter 204

after 2 weeks ago we saw tanjiro which turned into a demon and finally got out of control, finally in chapter 203 we saw tanjiro which finally returned back to human after the effects of the drug given by kanoe reacted to tanjiro and turned tanjiro back into a human. although indeed in chapter 202 we are intrigued by the act of kanao who suddenly approached tanjiro to inject the drugs to turn back demon into a human.

in chapter 203 it still tells about tanjiro which turned into a demon after getting a lot of blood by muzan, but the difference here is tanjiro which in the end has been back again into a human after previously turning into an uncontrollable demon and can walk under the sun light.

In Chapter 203, kimetsu no yaiba also seems to be the end of the struggle demon slayer. because as we know, at the end of the story of kimetsu no yaiba this will end with a happy ending. where Kamado Tanjiro will stay still a human and not turn into a demon. and also the most interesting thing is that kanao bacame most valuable character in chapters 202 and 203 where in both chapters kanao plays a great role in turning tanjiro back into a human.

and it also seems that the ufotable studio is looking forward to working on this kimetsu no yaiba series into anime, because as we saw in the ufotable account on twitter, for some reason they often upload things about kimetsu no yaba. and it's possible that if Kimetsu no yaiba would be adapted into an anime. then it will probably take at least 4-5 seasons until Kimetsu no yaiba will get to the current chapter now, which will probably be the last arc.

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