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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 204, Will Be The Last Chapter About Tanjiro And Demon Slayer ?

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in chapter 204 of kimetsu no yaiba we finally see how the results of the battle between the demon slayer against Muzan, which is winned by the Demon Slayer. in chapter 204 it also shows the timeskip a few months after the last battle, when tanjiro turned into demon after muzan defeted. where at the time skip we are seeing all demon slayer are taken in shinobu house to get heal.

in the final battle at Kimetsu no yaiba it bring a lot of deaths on the part of the Demon slayer, it is shown by the many tombs of the demon slayer who dies after the final battle. and also the demon slayer just have only two hashira it just the wind hashira and water hashira, where the other 6 hashira have been killed by muzan and the upper moon. and i was the who get mad with the author when the author bring death to shinobu.

And the there are a lot of demon slayer who death when their against Muzan, and the other demon slayer who can survive after they meet or against muzan get a lot of injured, cause muzan was really strong. even as a result of the fight against Muzan, Kamado Tanjiro fell into a coma or slept for 1 month.

and also there are many demon slayer who get damage and injured cause this battle, one of  the demon slayer who get injured is tanjiro. where one of Tanjiro's hands cannot be used anymore and one of his eye is also blind when he turn into a demon. then Kanao who previously used the final form of the flower breathing also got the impact of using the final form. where Kanao's eye become farsighted but can still be used. That made Kanao and Tanjiro get the same wound that is in the eye.

and also tomioka giyu who in the previous chapter got a very severe injury apparently survived. where in the previous chapter we saw tomioka giyuu getting a wound that made his hand cut off, which should have caused tomioka giyuu to die from out of blood.

kimetsu no yaiba

then will manga kimetsu no yaiba be finished in the next chapter 205 ? I personally still don't know whether the kimetsu no yaiba manga will be finished soon, because there is still a scene that makes us curious, will kimetsu no yaiba be finished in the next chapter later?

The scene is the last scene of the manga that depicts timeskip to modern times, it makes us wonder if the storyline of Kimi no Yaiba will be continued with time skip to modern times?

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