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Sunday, May 31, 2020

How To Change Profil Pictures or Avatar In Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of duty mobile

How To Change Profil Pictures or Avatar In Call Of Duty Mobile

CODM or Call Of Duty Mobile has become one of the most popular games in a past few month. This mobile game has become very famous because it is one of the very famous FPS game franchises. Where Game Call of Duty which is very well known among PC gamers now comes with its mobile franchise. Where on the Call of Duty Mobile franchise has multiplayer features that make this game more interesting to play.

Unlike the other Mobile Fps Games where we can customize our account easily, in this Call of Duty mobile we have some strugle when we want to customize our account. Where we can not easily edit our profile, especially on our CODM profile picture.

For Profile picture or avatars from the CODM account, we can only use avatars that have been provided by the developer, which for the avatars provided by the developer didnt had variation and we cannot customize the profile picture or even upload it from our gallery as in another game. And this time I will share how to change our profile picture or avatar in the codm by using our personal photo.

Using Facebook Account

For this way is the easiest way to change the profile picture or avatar of our game. where when logging in to the game codm we will be shown a choice, want to log in using guest, garena account or using a facebook account.

If you choose to log in using your Facebook account, the profile picture of your account will follow the profile photo of your Facebook account. and if you want to change your codm avatar then you only need to change the profile photo from your Facebook account.

Using Garena Account

Beside using a Facebook account, you can also customize your codm profile by logging in using a Garena account. By logging in using your Garena account you can manage your profile in one setting where if you also play another Garena game then the settings will match your Garena profile.

This Garena account is almost the same as logging in other games using a Google PlayGame account, but the difference is that this Garena account is an account that was created in Garena and can be played on Garena games. But for this Garena account there are still a lot of bugs. one of them is the forgotten password feature which is quite difficult and sometimes Garena accounts are not synchronized with accounts in the game.

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