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Thursday, May 7, 2020

How Misaka mikoto will Recover After Turned Into Esper Level 6, At Toaru Kagaku No Railgun T

misaka mikoto esper level 6

On toaru kagaku no railgun T episode 13, we are seeing Misaka Mikoto which finally became a half esper level 6, where the whole body of Misaka changed and looked like the silhouette of the universe, and her just entered a half esper level 6 and not fully change into an esper level 6. because Misaka Mikoto still can't control her power. in this mode Misaka has completely lost her control, even she cannot interact with other people around her. although since Misaka got the Misaka Network she became uncontrollable.

meanwhile in other places. Shokuhou was finally able to incapacitate Gensei by making Gensei undermine the self-destruction code from the exterior. And also the battle between Kuroko against Mitori Kouzaku has finally ended with Kuroko wined the battle.

two of three battles in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T finally finished in episode 13, then what about the final battle between Misaka Mikoto and herself ? In episode 13 we are shown Misaka's mind which has awakened after she has almost entered the level of esper level 6, and i dunno why miska lost her mind and control after got the misaka network, is Misaka network was too strong to controlled and because of that makes misaka lost her control. And at the end of this episode we see Touma who will ultimately help Misaka Mikoto regain consciousness.

if we look back, at all incident in Toaru Kagaku No Railgun T is almost the same as what happened at Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S where Touma will help Misaka, and fight with accelerator. for this arc of Toaru Kagaku no railgun T, will end up at episode 14-15 and it will be the last 2 episodes, which will contain how Touma will revive Misaka that has gone out of control due to gaining power from the Misaka network.

I just don't understand how Misaka can turn into espel level 6 just by getting the power boost from Misaka Network. because if we look at how accelerator must kill 20,000 sisters to be able to turn into an esper level 6 and misaka who only needs to get a network misaka and immediately turn into a level 6 esper, it seems like that is very unbalanced.

but at the end Misaka will return to a normal esper or an ordinary railgun from, the esper level 5  from Tokiwadai. where after the battle in episode 14/15 next Misaka will return to normal or return to human instead of becoming a silhouette of the universe. Miska Mikoto's change to the universe silhouette also showed that Misaka was unstable and only temporarily entered level 6 esper.

shokuhou misaki

And also it seems like in this time Shokuhou became MVP of this battle, because if we look back Shokuhou who played a lot role at this arc. starting from saving sisters from th virus attacks, and prevented Kuroko and also other people from getting involved in this problem so they will not get problem or maybe died at this incident. and also shoukuhou managed to knock out Gensei who was the mastermind of the chaos that occurred in this arc. even though Shokuhou got a decent damege due to holding back Gensei and erasing a little of her memory to trap Gensei.

let's wait for the next episode of Toaru Kagaku Railgun T. and there are some news that says the episode 14 will got delayed. and maybe we need to wait a little bit longer to see how Misaka Mikoto turn back to an ordinary human. and we hope that there will be no more delays from the airing of anime Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T and other anime in next week.

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