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Friday, May 22, 2020

Date A Bullet in october 2020, The Side Story of Date A live That Will Tell About Tokisaki Kurumi which will released at Cinema

Tokisaki kurumi date a bullet

Anime movie Date A Bullet is a spin-off anime from Date A live. Date A Bullet itself will tell about Tokisaki Kurumi as the main character. Where Date A Bullet is an anime movie that only has one episode and will only be released in cinema, for the release of this anime as an anime movie makes me worried because as we know there are a lot of anime movie that were postponed due to the covid-19.

Anime Date A Bullet will focus on Tokisaki Kurumi, who is one of the most famous characters in the Date A Live. so it's no wonder that Tokisaki Kurumi is the first character to get her orginila story and her own movie compared to several other characters. although we know that Date A Bullet is not the first movie from the anime date a live. but date a bullet is the first spin off anime movie that tells more about the characters in the anime Date A Live. Honestly i was one the weeb who watch Date A Live Cause I saw Tokisaki Kurumi.

For the storyline that will be adapted in the anime date a bullet, was a storyline that take from the spin off date a live novel Date A Live Fragments: Date A Bullet. where the novel is a spin off novel from date a live which was released on March 18, 2017 and became one of the most popular spinoff. and the spin off novel from date a live was finally adapted into an anime movie that will be released this fall 2020, or rather in October 2020.

date a bullet maybe will follow the success ofanime Toaru Kagaku no railgun, where the anime becomes an anime whose success can even match or even surpass their main story. because if we see a lot of anime lovers who watch date a live because they are interested in Tokisaki Kurumi. and now Tokisaki kurumi has gotten her own anime adaptation. no wonder if anime date a bullet will be more popular when compared to the main anime that is date a live.

The anime which is a spin off from anime Date A live was scheduled to air on Fall 2020, or more precisely this October 2020. However, as we know that many of the anime movies that have been postponed make me less sure about the Schedule of this anime., and maybe for the worst this anime coulde be postponed until next year. hopefully it just be my opinion.

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