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Monday, May 11, 2020

All Heroine Of anime Kanojo Okarishimasu, One Of The Recomended Anime Next Season || Kanojo Okarishimasu

Kanojo Okarishimasu

Kanojo Okarishimashu is one of the anime that I recommend for you to watch in this Summer 2020. which is in this summer 2020 there are a lot of good anime will be that will be aired, because those anime which actually will air on spring 2020 but for some reason make the anime have to be delayed and then will be airing in this summer 2020.

thats why in the summer of 2020 there are a lot of recommended anime that will be aired. starting from the new comer anime and also the old anime which will get their second season. One of the recommended anime that will airing in this summer 2020 is Kanojo Okarishimasu.

This anime is an anime with a Romance and Comedy genre and have a little bit of drama in it. and there is also a harem presented in it where the main character kazuya will have lots of girls with him. and here are some characters that will be appear in the anime kanojo okarishimasu which will airing in the summer of 2020.

Ichinose Chizuru

Ichinose Chizuru

Chizuru is the main Women Character in the anime Kanojo Okarishimasu, or more usually called it as a heroine. Chizuru is a college student who also works part time as a rent girlfriend. where thanks to his part time work, Chizuru has also meet with Kazuya, the main character of this anime.

Chizuru is a student who has a part time job as a Rent Girlfriend. where she became a rent girlfriend to make some money for applying at acting school cause she want to be an actress, and also, Chizuru worked part time as a rent girlfriend cause she want to practice her skills in acting. I didn't know where the author got an idea to make a story like this, which i think it was a brand new idea.

in the anime Amamiya Sora will become the seiyu who filled voice of Ichinose Chizuru. where Amamiya Sora is one of the most experienced seiyu and has also filled in a lot of famous anime characters such as Aqua from the Konosuba anime, Fujimiya Kaori from Isshukan Friend and Elizabeth from the Nanatsu no Taizai anime.

Nanami Mami

Nanami Mami

nanami mami is a female character who is a kazuya ex girlfriend, and also a character that makes kazuya got in sorrow when he is decided by nanami mami. but then nanami will try to get kazuya again, after kazuya has "dating" with chizuru, and became chizuru boyfriend.

Nanami Mami is a character that will be the main focus at the beginning of the story, and than after the beach arc where kazuya will choose Chizuru rather than nanami mamai, than nanami mami will only be a supporting character in this anime, and will not often appear. And maybe nanami mami will be one of the characters that will be get the most dislike character in this anime.

for seiyu from Nananami mami is aoi yuuki. a seiyu who also filled voice of Hinazuki kayo from Boku dake ga inaimachi, tsuyu asui from boku no hero academia and kousaka akiho from the anime Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken.

Sarashina Ruka

Sarashina Ruka

Ruka Became one of my favorit character in this anime. And Ruka Is Also One Of the Heroine that Have a part time job as an Rent Girl, but She has a different reason why she want to be a rent girlfriend. if Chiziru want to be a rent girlfriens cause she want to get money to school at acting shool and increse her skill. But The Reason Why Ruka Want to be a rent girlfriend cause she want to search a person who can makes her heart beat up. cause if u don't know, Ruka Have heart disease which make her a slower heart beat than other people.

and the First Person Who Makes Her Heart Beat up is Kazuya. And because of this makes Ruka bacme closer to Kazuya and want to be kazuya girlfriend. it different to Chiziru who pretended to be A rent Girlfriend with Kazuya because both of their families are knew each other. and it was so pathetic to Ruka Cause all of Kazuya Family are know that Chiziru is Kazuya Girlfriend and Ruka it Just Kazuya Friend but in the fact Ruka is the Real Kazuya Girlfriend

for the Seiyu of sarshina Ruka is Touyama Nao, which is a less popular seiyu. however there are several characters whose filled by Touyama Nao and became quite famous. one of them is Karen from the anime Kiniro Mosaic, Kirisaki Chitoge from anime Nisekoi and Yuigahama Yui from anime Oregairu.

Sakurasawa Sumi

Sakurasawa Sumi

Sakurasawa Sumi Become The Last Character Who gonna Appear in Kanojo Okarihsimasu because in the anime sakurasawa sumi will be Appear in a little bit longer after ruka arc has done. and the possibility in the anime is also like that.

sakurasawa became the most kawaii heroin in the kanojo okarishimasu where ahe has a nature shiness and it different from the other three characters who have quite active. sakurasawa is also one of the girls who works part time as a Rent girlfriend where she also has the same goals as Chizuru and Ruka. sakurasawa works part time as a Rent girlfriend cause she want to increse her condidence cause she is to shy to talk with other people.

for the Seiyu of sakurasawa sumi is Takahasi rie. which is one of the famous Seiyu and has filled a lot of famous characters like megumin from anime konosuba, Takagi from anime karaki jouzo no takagi-san, mash from anime fate grand order, Hime from anime kakushigoto, and the most famous is Emilia from anime Rezero.

and that is some of the heroin that will be Appear in anime Kanojo Okarishimasu actually there are still other characters who will be present but it seems that the anime will not adapt to that chapter, so I will only discuss it till Sakurasawa. and if the anime Kanojo Okarishimasu will get season 2 then I will discuss other characters who will be present later.

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