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Thursday, April 16, 2020

What will happen to Tanjiro who has turned into a Demon || Kimetsu no yaiba

Tanjiro will die after turning into a devil

in chapter 202 of manga kimetsu no yaiba, and in chapter 201 also explained how tanjiro can turn into a demon. and finally in chapter 202 we are seeing the battle between the demon slayers against tanjiro who has turned into a demon. and in kimetsu no yaiba Chapter 202, we seeing how Nezuko tried hard to awaken Tanjiro who had turned into a demon, and we seing tanjiro which already lost his control after being a demon.

demon slayer chapter 203

unlike the other demons who can speak and interact with humans. Tanjiro who has turned into a demon cannot speak. Even if we compare it, Tanjiro's power can even match or even surpass the upper demon moon, but tanjiro still can intereact with human, and in this case i dont know why tanjiro and nezuko when they turn into a demon, both of them are loosing their ability to speak. maybe it cause the new Tanjiro demon still can't control his demonic power.

kanao tsuyuri

then what will happen to Tanjiro who has turned into a devil? At the end of Chapter 202, we see Kanao, who will use medicine from Tamayo to tanjiro, which is can turn demon back into a human. Kanao also used her final form's of flower breath  to increase the strength of her eyes. As we know, Kanao's right eye can no longer be used because she already uses her eye too much in final form flower breathing and it damages her eye nerves when fighting against Douma, the upper demon number 2, douma.

And in Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 202, Kanao use the flower breathing technique again to injecting a demon medicine to Tanjiro which will turned tanjiro back into a human, cause we know that tanjiro has already turned into a demon. It seems like in Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 203, Tanjiro will go back on a rampage and the medicine given by Kanao will not really affect Tanjiro who has turned into a demon.

and also there are possibility of Chapter 203 in Kimetsu no Yaiba will tell you more about Kanao and Tanjiro, which in my opinion there will be a development of Kanao characters in this chapter. then whether tanjiro will return to being human ?? in my opinion the possibility of tanjiro will not return to being human again and possibly at the end of the manga kimetsu no yaiba, later tanjiro will be killed in this final battle. but that's just my personal estimate, so it's still not certain.

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