the spread of Covid-19 Impacts to Postponement of Airing and Release Manga and Anime || machanime - Machanime
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Monday, April 20, 2020

the spread of Covid-19 Impacts to Postponement of Airing and Release Manga and Anime || machanime

Covid - 19 Makes A lot of Anime delay

in the midst of the spread of the corona virus as it is now making a lot of anime and manga that get delayed. starting from delaying the airing of anime films such as fate heavens feel 3. even the spread of covid-19 also had an impact on the release of weekly manga like manga kimetsu no yaiba which also got a delay due to the spread of covid-19. In addition to the Kimai no yaiba manga, Shueisha also postponed several other manga due to the spread of Covid-19. for those of you who don't know, shueisha is a Japanese publishing company based in tokyp, and shueisha is also a company that publishes the kimetsu no yaiba manga series, and weakly shonen jump.

Postponed anime
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Some of the anime that get delays due  covid-19 are, Oregairu Season 3, online Sword art of War of underworld Part 2, Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel 3, Rezero Season 3. Not only anime are getting delays due to the spread of covid-19. several famous manga also received delays due to the spread of covid-19.

Some anime that have been impacted by covid-19 have delayed the airing of their anime until July this year, the delay takes about 1 season or 3 months. but especially for the anime fate stay night heavens feel 3, only get a delay of about 1 month from the original airing schedule. however, the postponement of the screening can still be extended due to social distancing, which is likely to be the closure of the cinema which causes the screening of films from fate heavens feel 3 to be postponed again.

for the release of the weekly manga. Shueisha only delayed for one week. and the release of the manga from Shueisha will be released next week. arguably the perlisan from the manga is only given a week off. and will be released again next week.

therefore I want to remind all of you to stay at home and only leave the house for important matters, so that the spread of covid-19 can be prevented, and we can stop the spread of covid-19, thank you.

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