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Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Best Tourist Spot In japan That You Should come when you in Japan || Machanime

Recommended tourist Spot in Japan

Japan is one of the countries in Asia with the higher tourist that come to vacation. quoted from from January 2020 Therer are about 2,600,000 froigner tourists that come into japan.

with that number of foreigners that come into japan, I guess this country maybe has a lot of income from tourists. it also cause there are a lot of to tourist spot in this country and it has a cultural place makes this country really worthy and being so popular. and I've summarized several tourist spot that you can visit while you're in Japan.


Photo by Ramon Katie on Unsplash
Akihabara is one of the places that must be visited if you want to visit Japan, especially if you are an anime lover who has more money and wants to visit Japan, you can visit this place.

Akihabara is the center for anime lovers, weeb and also things that smelled like anime, but if you go to Akihabara you should prepare more money because you certainly will buy a lot of goods things - if you have visited this place. Akihabara is basically a shopping center where there are a lot of items for sale here, but it's different from other shopping centers. Akihabara sells more items that are loved by anime lovers ranging from action figures, manga, LN and some even sell doujins at Akihabara. and you'll also seeing a maid cafe in this place but you can't take a documentation as a video or a picture while your in.

akihabara station

Besides being a shopping center for anime lovers, Akihabara also has a lot of locations that are adapted into anime, and become a photo spot that you must visit when visiting Akihabara. The first thing is the Akihabar station which is a very popular spot, wherein one of the anime that takes a background here is Steins Gate where okabe and makise kurisu split up cause okabe decide to save mayuri, in addition to the very popular Akihabara Station, the Anime Steins Gate which does take the background story in Akihabar also shows the radio on the radio that is on akihabara. so those of you who are anime lovers can also visit these places.

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Fushimi inari Taisha
Photo by Nicole Y-C on Unsplash
Fushimi inari taisha is a another place that you should visited while you in Japan, if you go to Japan to enjoy the culture of Asians, Fushimi inari taisha is the first place you must visit. Fushimi inari taisha is located in Kyoto which is the center of tourists who want to find old Japanese culture.

if you have a long time in Japan, i think it will be very worth for you to visit Kyoto because in Kyoto you can find a lot of Japanese cultures that are still thick, unlike in Tokyo which is already full of buildings. in Kyoto you can still find buildings that still maintain their old architecture. To go to Kyoto itself takes about 3-4 hours from Tokyo.

Photo by Su San Lee on Unsplash
But the long journey will be paid when you have arrived in Kyoto. you do not need to be afraid while on the trip because along the journey using the train you will find a lot of beautiful scenery. One of them is that after you leave Tokyo you will immediately see Mount Fuji. Because indeed the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto will go through Mount Fuji. which is a very famous mountain in Japan.


Kinkaku JI
Photo by Marvin Ronsdorf on Unsplash
we are still in Kyoto. Another tourist spot that you must visit when you come to Japan is Kinkaku Ji. as the name suggests kinkaku ji or the golden temple which is golden. this place is not like fushimi inari which has so many tourists, this place has only a few tourists either because it is the manager who does not want to give access to so many visitors or indeed kinkaku ji is not so crowded or less popular.

for those of you who have watched anime K-ON surely you know about this place or at least you ever heard about it. Kinkaku Ji is one of the places that Yui and HTT visited while on a school trip to Kyoto. besides that for those of you who like photography, this location is one of the very good spots to go.

but if we see in Kyoto this is a lot of places that are worth visiting but if you want to find a silence where there are not so many other tourists and you want to spend quality time alone without being disturbed by the noise of the city and also people then you should visit .

Kawaguchi Lake

Kawaguchi Lake
Photo by Michael Sum on Unsplash
Kawaguchi lake is one place that you should visit if you are a traveler who doesn't really like crowds. Kawaguchi Lake is one of the lakes closest to Mount Fuji and kawaguchi lake is famaous for japanese. and also not so far from downtown Tokyo. Kawaguchi Lake is a lake located in Yamanashi Prefecture which is not far from the foot of Mt. Fuji which is very famous mount it japan.

if you want to come to Kawaguchi Lake, I suggest you to come around April or around summer, because in summer there will be hanabi ( a fireworks) which will be very cool if you watch from Kawaguchi Lake. cause the reflection of the water in the lake also adds to the beauty of the hanabi itself.

besides some of the tourist attractions that I have mentioned before. I also still have a recommendation of the last tourist spot and is an alternative tourist place if you still have time left and money left, the place of the tour is. You can also add Disneyland Tokyo and Ueno Park to these two places on your list of tourist attractions as an alternative if you still have time in Japan.

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