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Monday, April 6, 2020

Misaka Mikoto being Esper Level 6, Kihara Gensei's research for Esper level 6 continues

if in Misaka Mikoto Will change into Esper level 6

at the end of Toaru Kagaku no railgun T episode 10 we are shown that Misaki Mikoto was traped by Kihara Gensei, where Kihara Gensei made plans to make misaka mikoto change into esper Level 6. FYI toaru kagaku no railgun T was the third season of the anime Toaru Kagaku no railgun. which is a side story from the anime Toaru majutsu no index. although toaru kagaku no railgun is a side story from toaru majutsu no index but in my opinion toaru kagaku no railgun has its own appeal which makes this anime very popular even it has got adaptation until season 3

Misaka Mikoto Level 6

For those of you who don't know Kihara Gensei. kihara gensei is the person who planned to make a level 6 esper, Kihara Gensei is also the professor behind the all murder case of the sisters in order to make the accelerator become a esper level 6.

and at this time in toaru Kagaku no railgun T it happened again, but it was different from before wherein the previous experiment or in toaru kagaku no railgun S, if in past accelerator was the subject to be level 6 esper. now it changes into misaka, yes in this experiment misaka will be the subject that she will change to level 6 esper.

at the end of the Toaru Kagaku no railgun T episode 10, we seeing Misaka getting power from sisters and got miska network and making her body glow due the lightning that surrounds her body, it seems that the change to level 6 esper makes Misaka lose her control and it make her power uncontrollable.

Misaka mikoto

In this episode 10 we are also shown the other sisters who are also affected by the virus attack, whio made by Kihara Gensei. the virus attack made the other sisters faint. even the last order that was with the accelerator was also affected.

Besides that Kamijou Touma also knew that Misaka was in trouble, and also the last order that she was with accelerator was also affected by Gensei virus, and whether in the next episode, Toaru Kagaku no railgun eps 11, do both of them will go against kihara gensei and save misaka and last order ??

The appearance of Miska, who turned into a level 6 esper, is very cool where Misaka looks very bright due the lightning that surrounds her body makes her look very cool. but it seems like the change of Misaka to level 6 esper won't be long, and Misaka will soon return to level 5 esper, cause i think she would not control the misaka network, that the key of this level 6 power.

but during the change of Misaka to an esper level 6, it seems that Misaki Shokuhou will be the main character for a few episode. just like what was said in the preview of episode 11. but let's just see how it goes in episode 11 which will be released next week.

misaka mikoto

but if you can't wait to watch the anime you can read the manga with the same title. but in my opinion it's better for you to watch the anime, because you will have a hard time finding the manga. and don't forget to give ur rating to toaru kagaku no railgun T on myanimelist.net

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