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Friday, April 17, 2020

List of Extras Servants in the fate universe and Their and explanation || Fate Series

List of Other Servants, Besides The Main Servant

as I mentioned in the previous post, that in fate universe there are sarvant and sarvant in fate universe itself is divided into 2 where there is a main servant consisting of 7 classes, and for the extras servant consisting about 4 servant.


servant with extras class itself is less often appear in fate universe. but earvant with extras class usually has their own storyline and becomes the main character in the story. one of the most popular servant with extras classes is Mash Kyerielight, which is a sarvant with a shilder class and she is the only one sarvant with a shilder class in the fate universe.

besides mash kyrielight there is no sarvant in fate universe that is in the shilder class, therefore making mash quite popular, cause she is the only one servant with shilder class and i think she was kawaii to so it fair if mash being populer and maybe the popularity of the mash can compared to arthuria pendragon. besides sarvant with class shilder, there are still 3 other sarvant in extrass class.

1. Shilder 

mash kyrielight

as I explained before, sarvant with this shilder class is only owned by mash kyrielight. and sarvant with this shilder class as far as I know is only in the fate / grand order and not appear in the other fate series. and that also makes other fate series and fate grand orders have great distances. where almost everything in fate series is exist in fate / grand order, but things in fate / grand order are not exist other fate. just for example sarvant with this shilder class, just only exist on fate/grand order and not exist in other fate series.

2. Alter

arthuria pendragon alter

Sarvents with alter or someone called alter ego classes are generally sarvants with main classes such as sabers or archers. but they lost their kindness,identity and ideology and turned into a Bad Hero Spirit. sarvant with this alter class usually arises due to immersion in crime or even also caused by singularity.

sarvant with the alter class generally changes because they fail to defend their ideology so makes their evil side comes out and takes over their bodies. but sarvant with alter class can also arise due to singularity, and is happened to arthuria pendragron in fuyuki singularity and jeanne d'arc in first singularity. or weirdness in a timeline. 

for example alter class sarvant that appears in fate grand order that arises due to the singularity. one of the most popular servant with alter class is jeane d'arc who became an alter in the first singularity on fate grand order. there is also arthuria pendragon who is an alter in fate stay night heavens feel and fate grand order fuyuki singularity.

3. Avenger

nobunaga avenger

sarvant with the avenger class here is a sarvant who has hatred in the past and finally revives with the power of the holy grail. sarvant with the same type of avenger as the name. which is a sarvant present for the sake of revenge. one of the sarvants who enter into the category of this avenger is Jeanne d'arc, gorgon and the most famous is angra mainyu. This avenger class with avarage has a very high hatred. and usually sarvant with this avenger type is the main antagonist in a story or singularity.

is different from sarvant with alter class. This avenger class has a deeper hatred. You can say this avenger class has 5x more hatred when compared to the alter class sarvant.

4. Ruler

ruler became one of the existing extras sarvant thanks to the holy war requires a court. for those of you who have watched the apocyrpha fata must be familiar with sarvant with this type. sarvant with this type of ruler is a sarvant called by the holy grail to become a guide or judge in a holy grail war. One of the sarvant with the famous ruler class is Jeanne d'arc and Amakusa Shiro. if you see almost all of these extras sarvant classes are almost filled with jeanne d'arc. I also don't know why Jeanne d'arc is included in so many sarvant classes

actually there are still 3 more sarvant extras but the three remaining sarvants in my opinion cannot be entered into the extras sarvant list because some of the 3 remaining sarvant classes are not heroes' spirits and are beasts

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