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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Kakushigoto, How Is the Life of a Mangaka Who Has a Family || machanime


kakushigoto, inmy opinion will be the one of the famous anime in this season, with a brand new storyline and also with graphics that I think are pretty good with animation techniques that are also not less good making this anime very worthy for you to be included in your wathlist for spring 2020.


This anime tells about Gotou Kakushi an erotic mangaka who does not want his work as mangaka known by his daughter. in my opinion this anime can be a parable of how the mangaka or doujin mangaka out there who might already have children and they don't want their children to know their profession as a mangaka.

This anime, which the first episode was released on April 2, has a very funny comedy genre that will surely keep you laughing while you watching this anime. in my opinion, this anime describing how to being a father who has a job that he thinks is not good, but according to others, it can be said to be very cool.

at the beginning when you watched this anime you will feel that this anime has a bad storyline, but you only need to wait until the opening song of this anime ends and I guarantee you will love this anime. from what I see it seems like this anime will tell you two different timelines, where the main timeline is when hime was 7 years old where hime is still an elementary school student and doesn't know anything about his father's work and is not so concerned about it.

in this timeline where Hime's father still works as a Mangaka and still hides his work as a Mangaka from Hime. in this plot Gotou Kakushi hides his work as a mangaka by going to the office / studio where he draws his manga by using a complete suit like general people who going to work, but he does not go to the office and instead after his leaving the house, Gotou will stop at a place, a place to change his clothes into casual clothes and go to the office / studio where he drew his manga.


while in the second time line tells about the 18-year-old hime who is trying to find out his father's work, yes after the 18-year-old she got the key to the room near the mountain where hime's father keeps every script from his manga, which he has hidden from hime for 18 years. In this timeline we will tell where Hime will go to open the room with the key given by his father.

meanwhile from the visual aspect of the anime I don't want to comment too much, yes this anime has a visual that is not to bad and not so good, you could say it is in the middle. but there is one thing that makes me able to say if this anime has pretty good visuals.

what makes it good is the animation of this anime which is different from other anime where in my opinion this anime has a visual that is looks like anime, High Score Girl. but what makes this anime different from the High Score Girl is, if the High Score Girl is a little or maybe a lot of 3D visuals but in this anime is not so much.

I can say the visuals of this anime kakushigoto are partly similar to High Score Girl and partly similar to boku no hero academia. so it has two visual that mixed in this anime i think.

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