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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Interesting Things That Will Happen On Attack On Titan Final Season, Eren Against The World || Mahchanime

in depth of tour Attack On titan Final Season 

attack on titan final season or last season might be the last season of attack on titan. it was because indeed in the manga attack on titan just entered the last arc, and if u dont know for attack on titan last season a.k.a final season will adapted shingeki no kyoujin's manga from chapter 90 and thats why i say it could be the " real " final season of attack on tittan cause for now attack on titan just have 128 chapter and for the manga it self has being in the final arc to. where eren has gained the full power of the founding titan and eren can control all the titan that exist throughout the world. even the titans who forming the walls on the paradise's island have been moved by eren.


in attack on Titan final season will begin with a time skip about 5 years since Eren sees the sea with Armin and Mikasa. at the time skip, eren who had seen the memories from his father with eren's titan agility, with this agility eren can controled his father to stealing founding titan from frieda reiss. FYI the shingeki titan it self has an agility to controled and seeing the memeories from other titan shifter. thats why eren can seeing his father memories and controled his father to. i know it will be hard to you to understand but. you'll understand it if you has read the manga or watch the anime.

after eren do his plan, eren suddenlny makes another plan. that in another plan is eren want to control all the titan power and also the founding titan power. and than eren starting to start war betwen the eldian  and marlay. in that plan, eren began to infiltrate to the marley by becoming one of the marley soldier injured in the war. and Eren will be assisted by Zeke in to infiltrate the marley area, thanks to that Eren also managed to enter the marley capital and finally make a large scale destruction in the center of the marley capital.

That also makes in this last arc there will be a war between the world who lead by marley against the eldian. it caused eren who started the war by attacking the capital of marley. then what interesting things will happen in the final season attack on titan later. and i think there some interesting things that will happen in this final season.

1. TeamWork Between Eren And Zeke

attack on titan final season

In Attack on Titan the final season, we will see in the first time of attack on titan when the two Jeagers brothers will work together against Marley, where after Eren attacks the capital of Marley. Zeke would pretend to have died in the incident, but Zeke only faked his death so he could easily run away from Marley's surveillance. 

But in the end Eren will decorate Zeke. because basically eren only needed the power of zeke who was of royal blood to enter the founding titan world and meet with ymir. the ancestors of the eldia and also the first titan shifter as well as the first titan founding.

2. A Horrible Story Of Eldian, And Ymir The First Titan

i guess you already know about ymir, or maybe hear about it. Not Ymir The Jaw Titan but Ymir The first titan. Later in Attack on Titan Final Season we will be shown the history of Ymir in past. where Ymir had a very horrible life, and also a life that suffered greatly as a slave of King Eldian.

for those of you who don't know, the ymir told is an eldian ancestor actually not an indigenous eldian tribe. Ymir is a slave of the eldians and is a remnant of other villager whose their villages have been destroyed by the eldians. and Ymir, who was a villager, was became a slave from the Eldian.

Later on attack on titan final season will tell a lot about the history of the titan and why there can be titan. surely if you were to win the final season you would definitely hate the first eldian king who was also the husband of Ymir.

3. Eren will moves the entire Titan Wall and Eren becomes the world's enemy

attack on titan season 4

and this is the main story of the Atttack on Titan Final Season. At the end of the story after Eren connects to Zeke, Eren will get all the strength from the founding A.K.A the first Titan, Ymir. eren will also move the entire titan inside the wall and attack the whole world. in this time we didnt know how eren form after being the first titan and got the founding titan power.

then in the attack on titan final season eren will be the main antagonist while eren will betrayed all of his frined, where he will betray Mikasa and Armin, and also betray Zeke after eren's got the founding titan power and got ymir trust. then eren will become an enemy of the whole world #erenAgainstTheWorld.

beside from these three things, the other thing that will be highly awaited is that Levi will be dying and his eyes will be zeke which will explode along with Levi. Possibly at the end of the story of Attack on Titan, Levi will not be as bad as before, because his ability has been buffed due to losing many parts of his body that have been destroyed by the explosion of Zeke.

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