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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Boku no hero academia season 5, will tell about deku's new quirk beside one for all || Boku No Hero academia season 5

Boku No Hero Academia season 5

Finally, the last episode of boku no hero academia season 4 has ended, where boku no hero academia season 4 ends with a total of 25 episodes, then in the boku no hero academia episodes 25 we are shown a fierce battle between endeavor against upper class of nomu. the very fierce battle ended with the victory of endeavor, even though endeavor got a very bad wound, even worse than the all might wound when fighting all for one.


but at the end of the fight we see endeavor that finally stood up after fighting the upper class nomu, but there are things that they are not shown. that is when endeavor stands while raising his hand endeavor has lost a lot of strength even he was no longer able to stand and be assisted by hawks.

in this post i will give a little spoiler for boku no hero season 5 which will release next year. when endeavor has finished fighting the upper class nomu and has lost almost all of his strength even he was not able to stand by himself, Dabi will come and attack the two heroes who are dying, which is endeavor and hawks, but when dabi will attack hawks and endeavor, then Miruko will come and help endeavor and hawks.

then the result of the last battle in season 4 is also very bad where the number 1 hero who has just been appointed, endeavor has a very severe wound, and he may not be able to fight anymore for some time, and also hawks can not fight until a few moments cause he was losing many of his wings.

boku no hero season 5

but at the end of season 4 or more precisely at the end of Episode 25 after the ending song, we see deku that seems he was interact with other one for all users. where deku is talking to the first one for all user, the younger brother of all for one. where in those freezing dreams he saw a fight between one for all and all for one.

in the next season it is likely to talk a lot about the development of deku when he one for all, and will also discuss the development of students of class A at U.A, in addition, and we will also see deku's new quirk in season 5.

for season 5 boku no hero academia there is still no official announcement when exactly it will released, but I can confirm that Boku no hero academia season 5 will be released in 2021 either at the beginning of the year or at the end of the year. because if we look back since the first season of the boku no hero academia, this anime has never been absent every year to release the next seaosn. but if you can't wait to wait for the continuation season of boku no hero academia season 5, you can read the manga starting from chapter 190 where it is a continuation of the anime.

but if you can still wait, you can wait while watching a movie from boku no hero viz. Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes: Rising while waiting for boku no hero season 5 to be released later.

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