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Friday, April 24, 2020

A Recomended Anime That's Looks Similar To Anime Hello World

Recomendation Anime Look like Hello World

Hello world anime has become one of the most popular anime for the past week. whether it's because the graphics of the anime are good, because it's made with semi-3D. or because the storyline of these anime is complicated to understand. then the hello world anime is quite interesting, it makes many anime lovers looking for anime references that have a storyline or visuals that are almost similar to this anime. and here I share some recomended anime with a storyline that is almost similar to the hello world anime.

recomended Anime

the anime that I will put into the recommendations maybe you already watch it but its ok cause surely anime with this storyline/genre are really popular, and there are many anime that have a storyline that is almost similar to this hello world anime. and here we go, the recomended anime that have a similar storyline like hello world anime.

1. Steins;Gate / Steins;gate 0


Anime that goes into the Top 5 the Best Anime Of The history by My anime list has a storyline that can be practically similar to the anime hello world. but actually i think anime hello world who has a storyline that " duplicate " anime steins;gate.

where in the storyline is almost similar, where the main character, Okabe rintaro (steins; gate) and katagaki naomi (hello world), both of them are throw back to the past to save their lovely/imporant person. but the difference from these two character is in how many times they repeat the time to save their loved ones. if in the anime hello world is only shown naomi which only repeats once. In the anime Steins Gate, Okabe rintaro spends hundreds of times to save makise kurise/mayuri. even in the Steins;gate 0 timeline okabe repeats the time more than 1000 times in order to return to the past.

beside that, in my opinion anime steins;gate has a more interesting storyline, and is very much more interesting when compared with the anime hello world. and the plot of the anime steins; gate will also definitely make you addicted to this anime. and can make you addicted to anime with time travel like this. Anyway, if you like the Hello World anime, of course you will like Steins;gate, I can guarantee it.

2. Boku dake ga inai machi


this anime is still the same as anime steins; gate and also hello world anime. and this anime has a storyline that is very similar to the hello world anime where the main character will go to the past to save the people they love and in the end of the anime, the main character will be hit by an accident that makes the main character get on coma.

but the difference is if in the anime hello world Ichigyou will be waiting for Naomi who is in a coma, then in the anime boku dake ga inai machi kayo will leave satoru who is in coma and get married, with satoru friend

anime boku dake ga inain machi ga also has a storyline that is much interesting than the hello world, where the mysteries presented in this anime are very interesting and will make you always curious about the continuation of the anime.

3. Seishun Buta Yarou & movie

seishun buta yarou

This anime, which very popular in 2018, in my opinion this anime has a storyline that is quite similar to the anime hello world, especially in the time-Trevel section where in this anime it also has an interesting time travel to watch.

where in the time travel it will end with a happy ending and not hang like the Hello World anime and also this anime is finished right after the movie so you will definitely like the anime. and you wont end up like no game no life fans.

4. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

re zero

the anime the their season 2 has postponed, re zero has a storyline that could be considered quite similar to the Hello World anime where the main character will return to the past while facing an inappropriate future.

but the difference in the anime Hello World Naomi will not face so many difficulties and as we know in the anime Re: zero Subaru will face so many difficulties. where every time Subaru wants to go back to the past he must die first. and i think that was much much much harder than naomi struggle

5. Mirai Nikki

mirrai nikki

The last anime is Mirai Nikki. but this mirai nikki anime has a more gore storyline than the previous 4 anime. and also I personally only recommend this anime for those of you who are old enough. and for those of you who are timid, you shouldn't watch this anime.

anime with the aim of killing one another until it is found that the winner also has a timeline element in it. where in this anime Yuno the main female character will return to the past and she will try so that Amano does not have to die in the struggle for the winner which is indeed the main goal of this anime.

This anime has similarities with the Hello World anime where they will go back to the past for the sake of saving the people they care about, but the difference in this anime will be added to usur gore and a bit of mystery that makes this anime quite terrible and so I suggest for those of you who not yet mature.

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