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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Nanatu no Taizai:grand cross, being the most popular anime game in this year with a good graphic

In early of 2020, one of the biggest mobile game developers in South Korea, name Netmarble, has just released their new mobile game that adapted from one of the most popular anime name Nanatsu no Taizai. This Korean mobile game developers released their new game called Nanatsu no taizai: grand cross where the game has the similar storyline as the anime nantsu no taizai

nanatsu no taizai anime

The Game synopis

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross In a time when humans and those unlike coexisted, many revered and feared the Holy Knights for the great powers they possessed. They are the protectors of the kingdom of Liones. Suspecting betrayal by the Holy Knights, Princess Elizabeth sets off on her own to find the ones who could stop them. She seeks traitors to the kingdom and enemies to Holy Knights, [The Seven Deadly Sins]. Elizabeth eventually meets a boy named Meliodas and is swept up into a grand adventure to change the fate of the world.

The story of this game, nanatsu no taizai game: this grand cross will start from Elisabeth who is looking for nantsu no taizai members to helping shes to safe britania, but at the beginning of this game or in the tutorial section we will start by using meliodas who are attacking Britania as a criminal, as we know it used to be nantsu no Taizai, led by Meliodas, that betrayed Britania.

nanatsu no taizai

At the visual of this game. I can say that this game has a very good visuals. the nanatsu no taizai : grand cross was made with 3D visualization even though it was made with 3D visualization, this game does not forget the distinctiveness of its visual animations. As for visuals, I don't think this is an anime game with the best visualization in 2020.

At the beginning after we installed this game we will be faced with the account login menu, I prefer login this game with using account Gmail, because login with account gmail is the easiest way to get to an application or a game, but if want to change account with gmail sign out, and login with another gmail account, all save date from our first account will change to the second account . For the gameplay of this game is almost similar as other games adapted from anime, that have the RPG genre. In my opinion, this game has the same gameplay as Fate / grand order but with graphics that far exceed from fate / grand order.

If we see from the gameplay, surely we all have our own opinions, there will be those who like games with gameplay like nanatsu no taizai: grand cross, but not all of us like a gameplay like it, but if we look based on data from Google Playstore then surely we can conclude this game has good gameplay.

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