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Monday, March 23, 2020

Ipad Pro 2020, The new Tablet From Apple That can Replace the regular Laptop IS THAT TRUE ????

Ipad Pro 2020

In the middle of this month ( March ), Apple a company from the United States suddenly shocked the international technology by releasing its new products, and that became a trending topic of almost all technology lovers around the world. 

Apple launched the Macbook Air 2020 and also iPad Pro 2020, which became one of Apple's flagship products, which made me interested in the launch of Apple's new product is the release of its new keyboard for the iPad Pro 2020 which has a very unique design.

As I mentioned before, the iPad Pro 2020 has become one of 2 Apple products that their lunch in march, if we compare it with the iPad Pro 2018 which was released more than 2 years ago, the iPad Pro 2020 has quite a lot of developments if Compared to the iPad Pro 2018, starting from the camera of the iPad Pro 2020 which now has to 2 and has an additional sensor that makes it the best AR tablet for now, and also the processor Apple A12Z Bionic, which certainly has very good capabilities. 

moreover we already know that the process of the iPad Pro 2018 is already very fast, especially if we compare with the iPad 2020 is certainly very fast. As Apple said in their advertisements which seemed to say that the iPad Pro 2020 has a performance that is far compared to the regular laptops that we used today. The iPad Pro 2020 also equipped with Ipad OS 14 which is the latest iPad OS for now.

besides from the performance of the iPad Pro 2020 it also has other advantages, just for example in the camera which this time comes with a square shape, which has the same design to iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. on the iPad Pro 2020, it has 2 cameras where the first is a wide camera that has 12MP f / 1.8 and the second camera is an ultra-wide camera with 10MP f / 2.4 and also a front camera 7MP f / 2.2 in terms of our cameras no need to doubt anymore. 

And also in my opinion we don't really need a good camera on the iPad Pro, because it will look weird if we are take a photo using the iPad Pro which has a very large size. But there are also users who might need this feature on their iPad Pro.

In this iPad Pro 2020, Apple seems to emphasize that the iPad Pro can replace a conventional laptop, especially with the added keyboard of iPad Pro, which now has a trackpad and backlight on the keyboard, making the iPad Pro 2020 closer to a conventional laptop. But can the iPad Pro 2020 replace the laptop? in my opinion, it's impossible because if we see from how its use, there are so many things that cannot be done by iPad Pro and can only be done by a laptop, for example just as good as programming whatever the performance of the iPad Pro 2020 processor still cannot be used for programming. But it's a different story if later there will be an application provider for us to do programming on the iPad Pro 2020, but it seems like it won't be as complex as what laptops can do.

But it would be different if we only use a laptop just for typing, like an article, novels or a book. then the Pro 2020 Pad will be very able to replace a laptop because if we see, the iPad Pro 2020 has very good practicality, where we can release the screen from its keyboard cover This iPad Pro 2020 makes it more practical than a laptop. In addition, the iPad Pro keyboard that we already have backlight and trackpad is increasingly making the iPad Pro 2020 it becomes more comfortable to type, especially if we want to type in a low-light room. I seem to be buying this iPad Pro 2020 because indeed I mostly use laptops for typing blogs like this and for programming I use desktops that have more capabilities when compared to laptops.

Then is iPad Pro worth buying? or should we buying an Ipad Pro 2020 ? in my opinion if you are a productive person and have high working hours and need a tool that is lightweight and easy to carry and certainly has a good performance then the Ipad Pro 2020 is very valuable for you to buy but if you don't need things that are I mentioned above then it seems like you don't need to buy the iPad Pro 2020 because considering the price of this iPad Pro is quite high, carries out in between $ 799 - $ 949 for the 11-inch variant which is quite expensive and it's not included with other accessories such as keyboards, then in my opinion, you should hold back your desires first.

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