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Friday, March 20, 2020

Does fintech gonna be the most populer payment method in 2020 || what is fintech


In the digital era like now there are a lot of people who work in the digital world, ranging from selling online, online shop, online taxi services, bloggers as I, Youtuber, programer and even conventional money are beginning to replaced by digital money or fintech.

the first fintech in world

For now, there are so many companies offering on digital money technology or fintech, starting from multi-nation companies like Paypal and Amazon pay. There are also companies that have been very advanced in the field of fintech with huge revenues such as Stripe, a company based in San Francisco California this is the largest fintech version of the forbs magazine with a large revenue, around $ 35 billion. So what exactly Fintech is? Is this a company that works by FIND TECH, then head to fintech-based companies like this can be very benighted in 2020.

The word fintech itself is an abbreviation of 2 basic words. there are, Financial and technology, and then its put together and being fintech. from these 2 words, we already know that fintech companies are based on financial. wherein 2020 this technological development has been very rapidly developing which makes conventional financial companies also have to participate to follow the development of technology so if they participate in development technology in their companies, their companies will be left behind.

the most popular fintech

Therefore, conventional financial companies began to change by improving existing technologies and then creating Fintech or financial technology. For now fintech companies have started to develop a lot starting from conventional financial companies that began to develop their companies into technology-based companies, or new companies that are just starting.

For now, fintech companies that have been circulating usually offer easier payment services, where fintech companies will be on duty as online accounts that can be used in purchasing goods at online stores or payments. Of course this is very easy for customers to shop online, and because of that many online shops are now providing payment options using fintech.

Then which company is the first fintech in the world? for the first fintech company in the world there is still no one who knows because the valid data about it is not really valid, but as far as I know the first fintech company that I know is Paypal. Surely many of you are familiar with the name of this company, it is a familiar name in the fintech world and many fintech users also agree that Paypal is the first fintech company, But there are also opinions that say that bitcoin is also part of fintech.

the most popular fintech

After we know about fintech, then how does fintech actually work, the fintech company works almost the same as a conventional bank, where you will deposit money to the fintech company then the fintech company will give you an online fintech account where you can make transactions with fellow fintech users. You can also use the balance from your fintech account for online shopping. Many of the fintech companies that offer discounts when we shop using their fintech product.

Then is it safe if we shopping using fintech? of course safe, many of the fintech companies have guaranteed security from their fintech so that your fintech account or account is not hacked by irresponsible parties. Fintech companies will usually cover the amount of balance that you can top up in your fintech account. Usually a fintech company will wrap at a value of $ 10,000 but there are also fintech companies that provide lower limits, it is also for the security of user accounts where if it happens to the worst possibility of your fintech account being hacked then you will not get fewer losses.

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