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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

5G was the First Step to applying The Consep Of the internet of things and SmartCity

5G Networking and Internet Of Things

5G Is an internet technology that is currently being developed now. Indeed in globalization age like now the internet is very important, because some of our activity was using the internet to make it easier, or some of us ware working using the internet. and also using the internet for communication tools, ranging from non-formal communication such as chat and video calls or even formal communication such as using email and also online meetings. All of these things cannot be done if there is no technology called Internet. Not just a communication tool, internet can also be useful in other fields such as the economy and national defense, which in the beginning internet was originally created for the national defense and the military.


Therefore, the development of the internet that is currently very influential with the needs of humans, and also with the increasing human need for broadband internet that can send files or receive files at high speed makes many companies and countries compete to make Internet technology 5th generation or 5G. for now many companies have succeeded in providing 5G technology. starting from one of the largest Asian companies, Samsung which began implementing technology into their flagship smartphone, and also Huawei, a Chinese technology company that started to development of this 5G technology and there are a piece of news that says the Chinese technology company has also made a deal with one of the Russian telecommunications companies to develop the 5G technology.

They say that 5G has a speed range between 500MB/s to 2GB/s at the beginning of the trial and it will increase along with the development until it will touch 100GB/s and will be 100 times faster than 4G. and as I said before, because Samsung is one of the technology companies that developed 5G technology, making South Korea one of the first countries to try this 5G technology. And also South Korea is the first country to adopt this massive 5G technology in the country.

The development of internet technology has become one of the fastest growing technologies. That's because, for this time there are so many things that can be done using the internet, even the article that you are reading right now also definitely needs the internet to access it. And because of the development of 5G technology is really needed. Especially where we have entered to the age of internet where the internet will be very important and that is also supported by many countries - countries that are starting to implement the Internet of Things (IoT), and make their smart city.

In my opinion, in the next 10 years there are many countries will have implemented this concept of smartcity . Which is smart city is a city with the implementation of technology (internet) which is used in various fields and is one of the main supports of the city. But if the country wants to make a smart city or one of their city want to become a smartcity, and applied the concept of IoT and make a smartcity, then there are many things that must be prepared, starting from technical such as technology framework and human framework. But with internet technology that has developed very rapidly, the existence of smartcity and also the implementation of IoT will soon be realized

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